The End of Fear – The Psychology of Vulnerability

When it comes to living with anxiety, the end of fear comes with a long curtain of hesitation. I often say that fear is the mother of all illnesses. This statement is not far from reality. No one wants to be ill or become a victim of any ailment. This is why anxiety is the mother of all mental disorders.

In fact, fear itself is the symptom for all mental illness. What makes us afraid of what? Why do we always live in the dread of worst-case scenario, lie awake at the edge of worry, and even react to even small accidents as if they could be the end of the world? This kind of behavior, when mirrored back to our own psyches, comes as a manifestation of our inability to understand and interpret the true nature of our inner conflicts and weaknesses.

We can easily avoid this kind of self-doubt and vulnerability by making ourselves the most vulnerable humans possible. This is a kind of self-made prison that keeps us away from the world. The end of fear can be experienced and understood if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, without the defense of any unnecessary extravagance. What I am trying to stress is the importance of learning how to develop our ability to develop our own inner strength instead of building artificial shields around ourselves. The end of fear in the human condition is nothing less than an opportunity to gain self-empowerment over our fears and weaknesses.