Why Humans Love Music and Use Premium Services to Download It

Why Humans Love Music

Why Humans Love Music and Use Premium Services to Download It

The question many people have about why humans love music is as old as time itself. After all, has not mankind long since begun to realize that the way they feel physically and mentally can also be manifested in their emotions and psychology? We can look all around us and see the evidence of this all-important bond between music and the human psyche. Take a moment to look at how we interact with the world around us. Do we not always pause and reflect before acting, or do we always act before thinking?

In fact, a recent study by neuroscientists at University College London revealed that music evokes a rush of dopamine, which has been linked to feelings of happiness and excitement. In a similar vein, a study by the University of Glasgow found that when people are listening to music, part of the brain’s reward pathway is activated, leading to feelings of reward and pleasure. Taken together, these studies show that we love music not only because it makes us feel good, but it also triggers a part of our brain that helps us feel good – even when we’re not actively making use of that part of ourselves.

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