Can We Imagine a World Without Fear?

Imagine a World Without Fear

Can We Imagine a World Without Fear?

Imagine a world without fear, the kind of world where every citizen has the ability to rise above fear and think for himself. Each week, on TesttubePlus, cover one subject from a number of different angles. This week, the subjects are: – How does fear affect your life, your health, and your future? – How is fear effecting your relationship with others, including how you interact with them? – How can fear be overcome, and what are the steps?

If we keep on holding our breaths when we are afraid, our breath becomes shallow, and the chances of an attack increase exponentially, since the oxygen level in our bloodstream is at a minimum. A godly fear is one that inspire action, and that requires nothing more than your own willpower to keep you motivated. When you do something that you know will result in a positive outcome, your confidence grows because of the fact that your actions are working towards a positive goal. You are inspired to take action and you become excited about what you’re about to accomplish, which is a definite “moving” of the masses if you consider the power of inspiration.

This is why I tell people to stop listening to the so-called experts on the subject of “how to defeat fear,” because these so-called experts have never once faced a real test on their theories, and therefore they are nothing more than con artists attempting to sell you snake oil… (That’s a good one, by the way. Let me know what you think.) Consider all this.