What Will the Singularity Feel Like?

What will the Singularity Feel Like? I believe it will be a very clear and different experience than what we are experiencing now. Our current society with its materialism and consumer culture is quickly disappearing as our culture becomes more intelligent and starts to embrace what science has been telling us for years, that matter is energy and that everything is connected together through space and time. The Singularity is the next step in human evolution and it will change not only our world but the way we live every day of our lives. It will be a completely different experience on every level, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

What will the Singularity Feel Like

Will we meet the Singularity before we see the changes we are looking at in our future? In my opinion there is no way we will be able to meet the Singularity before the future because humans are too different from the future humans. But when we do, what will the Singularity feel like? I believe it will be a new and vastly improved version of ourselves, which will be totally different from all our current experiences. Our bodies will be transformed and our minds and bodies will be much more complex. This will allow us to evolve much faster than we are today.

When will we see these changes in our future? I believe sometime around 2 million or less years from now. We can make a prediction based on our current understanding of what the Singularity will feel like based on our present understanding of the future and our present knowledge of the past and present cultures of those on other planets. If you would like to discuss this for further clarity and understanding, please visit my website by following the links below. This will give you much more information on what will the Singularity feel like.