The End of Fear Movie Review – Premises and Concerns

The End of Fear is a new movie that came out last week. It is written and directed by David Fincher, who has created some very memorable movies including Seabiscuit and Zodiac. The movie promises to answer one question that has bugged scientists and psychologists for decades: What causes fear? Its main character, a woman suffering from a mental disorder, slowly loses the ability to reason and learn to reason from what she sees and experiences around her.

The End of Fear

The film begins with a slow-mo beginning that makes you wonder if the whole sequence is actually happening or if you are seeing moments within time. The slow-mo starts with her watching a video before taking an exam in a library, where she appears to be calmly studying but is suddenly overwhelmed with fear. Then, after a few minutes of this strange phenomenon, the video abruptly cuts out and the viewer is left looking at a blank screen, wondering what was just happened.

What The End of Fear does is offer a psychological look into the workings of our brain, which all humans use in a way to help them understand and control their emotions. The movie then takes its audience on a journey through the human condition, examining the various factors that contribute to fear and vulnerability. David Fincher does a masterful job of presenting his subject matter in such a way that it forces us to examine our own emotions and how fear and vulnerability can effect us. In addition, he shows us how the way we view the world, how we act and how vulnerable we are to this all-pervading fear can contribute to our mental well-being. Overall, The End of Fear is a very thought-provoking movie that should interest and stimulate audiences of all ages.