Why Do People Have a Fear of Airplanes?

Why Humans Experience Fear

Why Do People Have a Fear of Airplanes?

Learning why humans experience fear in airplanes is the key to preventing them from having a panic episode while cruising in an airplane. Why do some people fear flying? There are many theories that flight fear may have many causes. One of the possible reasons is a fear of being alone in an unfamiliar place. When you have a fear of being in a new place, your mind sends signals to your body to prepare for a potential fight or flight response.

The main reason that people who fly often have anxiety attacks is due to how a fear of airplanes will change your brainwave patterns. For instance, if someone has never had a panic attack before flying, they will have different brainwaves compared to someone who’s had the fear, and this will have serious effects if you’re put into a real situation…such as taking a plane in a foreign country. You’ll have a much more difficult time focusing and concentrating. Your heart rate and breathing will increase as you try to overcome your anxiety, and it’s not uncommon for people to hyperventilate once they reach their destination.

One of the ways to overcome airplane phobia is to re-program your mind to think about positive things before you get on an airplane. This helps you distract yourself and keep your mind calm so you don’t get anxiety while on board. You can re-program your mind by listening to a tape or CD while you fly or driving. If the airplane isn’t nearby, you can focus on something else nearby so that you don’t get a full-blown airplane fear experience. Don’t let airplane phobia ruin your vacation!