How to Be More Human (How You Can Start Right Now!)

Learn How to Be More Human (Problem-solving, flexibility, creativity, interpersonal skills, adaptability to change, empathy, and above all, creative thinking) is a concept that was developed during the last century by three eminent psychologists – Leo Tolstoy, Hillard Russell, and Philip Zimbardo. These great men conceptualized the idea of how to be more human as an idea that had tremendous philosophical, psychological, and sociological implications. In essence, they wanted to answer the age-old question: what makes us human? What separates us from other animals? How can we improve upon our human qualities in order to make ourselves better?

How to be More Human

In their view, humans are animals that should be regarded as such and that they should be considered as a highly evolved kind of animal. They therefore proposed to create problem-solving as the central component of all their strategies for survival, development, and prosperity. They believed that humans should apply their problem-solving skills in every area of their lives, with the single aim of getting as much pleasure as possible out of each effort. This is the basis of their radical rejection of conventional wisdom and their advocacy of a revolutionary thought in the history of psychology.

Thus, problem-solving is not a tool or a means to solve problems but rather, a goal in itself. The centrality of the concept in psychology’s history makes it even more relevant today as society continues to face tremendous problems, regardless of whether it is economic political, environmental, technological, or cultural. The importance of finding the answers to the most basic questions of life, including ones concerning human nature and intelligence, is as relevant today as it was fifty years ago. More importantly, it is still relevant today.