The End of Happiness – Understanding the Nature of Happiness

Comparison is always the end of happiness. If you’ve ever met a really nice man or woman, you’ll know that they are not bothered about being compared to others. They just bloom in silence, content and without pretension. There lies the ultimate beauty in that.

The End of Happiness

People like you and I need to be happy first, before we can achieve the true happiness. We are made in the image of God, and we have been told that we should have joy for all mankind. The end of joy will not bring us any joy, instead it will bring sorrow.

We have been conditioned from birth by society to believe that we need to compare ourselves to others. The end of comparisons is the beginning of wisdom. We have to see in a more realistic way that there is no comparison, and everything is relative. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you are in the world. The truth is that there is no meaning or purpose in life, just enjoying the moment and living for the now. you to a new lease of happiness. Let it bring you joy and beauty.