The End of Happiness by Robert McKenzie

The End of Happiness by sociology professor Robert McKenzie shed a light on the dark side of human existence. Although based on the premise that happiness is an individual experience, the author contends that our cultural differences make it difficult to judge what is “happiness” and what isn’t. For those who find themselves stuck in unhappy situations and unhappy people, this book can be a wake-up call. The main theme of the book is how we should view happiness.

The End of Happiness

The title refers to the book’s ultimate question, what is the end of happiness? For some, there is no such thing as happiness. For other people, however, even when they are happy, there are still problems and concerns. For those who believe there is a definitive definition, we find that definitions tend to change over time. Meaning, one year happiness may be defined as one that involves a lot of money while the next year, it may be defined as something different. The book talks about various types of happiness and how it differs for each person.

The End of Happiness is a timely read for those who are confused about what happiness really is. It discusses the difference between total happiness and personal happiness. Through the author’s insightful sociological studies and his own life experiences, the reader will gain insight into what happiness really means.