Why Do People Love Music So Much?

Have you ever wondered why people love music so much? Do you remember when you were young and your favorite song was playing in the car, or on the radio? Did you enjoy watching that particular song repeatedly while driving to work each day? People respond to stimuli in all kinds of ways and some types of music have been shown to trigger reactions in people who are sensitive to it.

Does this mean that music is some kind of chemical substance that makes people feel good and solve their problems? The fact is that music can actually trigger different responses in people. Think about it this way. People who are sensitive to music will be more open to hearing new and interesting music than someone who doesn’t like music at all. Similarly, those who love music will be much more likely to talk about it than someone who does not listen to much music at all.

There is an interesting psychological theory known as the Mozart Effect. The Mozart effect states that listening to Mozart music increases people’s empathy for others. This means that if you walk into a room full of people and all of a sudden, a Mozart CD starts blaring, the people in the room will feel more closely connected with all the instruments and the composer of the music. This does not mean that the person will become a professional Mozart fan overnight but it does mean that the room will create a special atmosphere and the human mind has a way of making connections between things which cause it to make connections. This is why humans fall in love with music and want to share it with others all the time.