The End of Fear – A Powerful Text Book on Fear Management

“The End of Fear” by George J. Paxman is a powerful book on the theme of fear management. In this book, Mr. Paxman attacks the destructive pattern in American life in which the fear of failure has rendered most people paralyze and immobile. The fear that paralyzes most of us is a form of self-protection mechanism that makes us hesitate to take any risks or take a calculated risk. Mr. Paxman’s research has proven that when an individual is asked to take an executive position, the average decrease in performance is 33% from those who were successful in earlier positions.

The End of Fear

The book describes the need for courage when faced with adversity and how to manage fear to become effective leaders. The author examines how leaders can help team members overcome the barriers of fear and discover the ability to move forward in an uncertain world. The End of Fear provides the reader with a guide to help them make decisions in a new and often chaotic environment. The book helps the reader to realize their potential. It provides an introspective analysis of various leadership styles and a number of case studies. The book includes some famous quotes.

The End of Fear is not just a text book on fear management; it is also a series of 11 stories that explore the various forms of fear and how they affect humans. It is very well written, motivating and reassuring. The reader will learn that fear is a motivator for change and that the fear management techniques described in this book can be used to overcome fear. This is a very good text book on fear management.