Why Do Humans Experience Fear? Part 1

Why Humans Experience Fear

Why Do Humans Experience Fear? Part 1

The question you might ask is, “Why do some people have a fear of flying and others don’t?” In fact the answer is very simple. It’s all in the mind. If we look at someone who is afraid of flying for no apparent reason, our natural instincts as humans are to either help or stop that person from feeling that way. There are a number of people who experience this almost daily from all walks of life; from business persons to a parent who fears their child will be abducted.

This type of thing is not just happening to them though; it is happening to everyone all the time. You might ask, “What type of ‘reason’ is behind their fear experience?” Well, the answer is simply because they feel like it. No one has ever explained to them why they feel that way, but they have chosen to act that way. Many people are the same way; there is just something about them that causes them to feel like acting in a certain way causes them to fear.

While that may be true with some people, it’s not always true with others. People who experience this type of fear are often those who believe themselves to be ‘nuts’. They have tried everything; read the medical books; searched the internet for answers; talked to psychologists; and most of all accepted that they are nuts. But if we were to ever find out the real reason they are fearful of flying would it not show that they are acting in accordance with their subconscious (the irrational part of us)? This is just one of the many reasons why humans experience fear; and it’s one that should be explored more thoroughly in order to protect the safety of everyone on earth.