How to Be Less Human – You Don’t Need to Be Less Human to Write Things

How to be Less Human

How to Be Less Human – You Don’t Need to Be Less Human to Write Things

The most common question asked by many people is “How can I be Less Human?” Although it might sound funny when a person asks it in jest, or as a light hearted compliment, when someone responds by saying “You can’t be less human” they are demonstrating an unwillingness to see how their actions relate to humanity, and that is the very thing that needs to be changed. I’ve often heard the statement from a religious person, “You have to be a good person to get through this world,” and it always brings up a different point of view on life. By adopting a more caring attitude toward life, and treating others with kindness even if they have made a mistake, we show others that we care about them enough to let them know that we do, in fact, care about them being human.

A few years back a story came out on the news that former President George W. Bush had made reference to “another wrote word”, and this referred to the Americans who’d lost their lives in Iraq. Immediately after this news broke, a bunch of folks went on the radio and started saying things such as, “He should’ve just said sorry.” This was not one of Bush’s best quotes, but yet he’d made a suggestion. Did the president really need to say “Another wrote word”? One writer was quoted as saying, “You can’t be less human if you’re more perfect.” When these folks say that you can’t be less human because you write things, what they are really saying is that they believe that if people believe they are more perfect than they are, and if they believe that they are worthy of being loved or having their needs met that they won’t experience any of the wrongs that others have written them, then they won’t experience anything that the others have written them.

Instead of being more perfect than the next person, maybe we should all try to find a happy medium, and learn how to apologize, and be kinder to each other? Perhaps instead of writing angry notes to those who we believe have wronged us, we should try to apologize when we are wrong and not send a note of apology to someone who didn’t hear or see anything wrong with us. And perhaps we should try to make amends for the things we’ve said or done that are wrong. Maybe, instead of being passive aggressive, which isn’t constructive, maybe we should try to be more aggressive? Please consider all this and think on it.