Wondering if You Can Imagine a World Without Fear?

Imagine a world without fear, anxiety, stress, or worry. Imagine that you are walking on clouds, feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, smelling the roses in your garden, and smiling at your children as they play with their wooden blocks. Imagine a world where fear has no place and we can step into a new psychological freedom. Imagine that you have reached the zenith of your spiritual being, and all your problems have vanished before your very eyes. Imagine a mind that is calm and peaceful, and which operates in a manner that is totally beyond the grasp of the majority of mankind.

Imagine a World Without Fear

I know this is easier said than done. It took me a number of years to achieve this state of perfect peace and clarity. However, I know that it is possible to reach the zenith of your spiritual being no matter how many times you try. It takes courage to face fears head on, but once you confront them you realise that they are nothing more than an illusion of fear. You realise that all your fears of the world are created by your imagination.

Fear of the world cannot stand up in the face of your supreme intelligence, or your boundless creativity. You see, our imaginations are so vast that we cannot possibly describe them all in a short article. There is something so tremendously simple about the concept of a picture that it seems to me to encapsulate everything about life itself. The more I read about the importance of pictures in improving your mental state, the more I think that a picture is a must for everyone. A picture is the very first step into becoming the creator that you have always been looking for.