The End of Fear of Plane Flying – What to Do When You’re Under Paralysis With Resentment

Fear of flying is a common phobia. Nearly all of us have experienced the fear of flying at some point in time or another. Some of us have had an experience that was extremely traumatic, resulting in a lifetime of avoidance and uncertainty. Some others have not had a problem until they have flown, only to be traumatized again when they get stranded in a foreign country and are unable to travel. What causes fear of flying? Why do we fear it so much?

The End of Fear

The fear of flying is not so much based in logic or good sense as it is in the aftermath of a horrible experience. Why do we live in fear of the worst-case scenario? Why do we always dwell on the bad-case scenario, lie awake at night in fear of a plane crashing, and react with intense anxiety to even the smallest mishap as if it were going to end our life? We are scared of what might happen. When you consider that 90% of the plane’s passengers are people who are either vacationing or just plain exhausted, the odds of a crash becoming reality are pretty slim.

But we can be paralyzed by fear of planes so strong that even the thought of being crushed beneath the wing or sucked into a vortex can paralyze us. We have trained our minds to expect certain things, like the worst. If you can imagine what it would feel like to be crushed by thousands of feet of metal while traveling at high altitude, then you understand why it is so important to overcome your fear of plane flying. Don’t let it take over your life! If you are ever stuck in a situation where you must fly, try to look up and focus on the destination, and keep your eyes on the goal instead of looking ahead to where you are going.