How to Be More Human and Creative by Using Music

It is interesting how the human brain functions in relation to the flow states of creativity. Creativity is a process and as such humans are not static, neither are they ever completely in one place or at one stage. We all change and adapt to our surroundings and this is what separates each of us from every other individual on earth. One might say that we are all in flow states but it is difficult for someone to remain in a flow state indefinitely. When you are not in a creative flow state your mind is more prone to shut down and therefore your creativity is less efficient than it could be.

One example of how humans adapt is through the use of tools. Tools give us the capacity to create in a way that is faster and more efficient. This method of being creative can be related to the blacksmith or the indigenous peoples of Amazonia who use the elements around them in order to make the objects that humans would find useful. In a way the way humans have adapted through the use of tools can be said to be an example of how to be more human through the use of something that we find useful and that we use to better ourselves.

Another example of how we adapt is through music. In order to create better emotion in ourselves and in others we need to have some type of musical flow state. This allows us to be more creative since we are able to stay in a state of creative inspiration for a longer period of time. It allows us to follow along with our minds rather than thinking in our heads and to think about other things while our mind is working. This is an example of how to be more human and creative by using the tools that we already have around us.