How to Be Less Human

It’s not how to be less human, it’s the understanding that we are all mortal. Although we have come a long way from caveman living in a society of mutual destruction and killing for food, we still live in a barbaric society and have an inclination toward brutality when dealing with others. And while some of us are brutally honest about how we like to be killed, most of us have internalized the need to survive. We like the rush of adrenaline that being in combat provides. It’s in our blood.

How to be Less Human

But if you take a moment and stop thinking about this, you will see that your need to survive isn’t actually satisfying. In fact, it’s only making you live longer, which is a good thing, but you are robbing yourself of the happiness of life. I’m not talking about the “roller coaster ride” type of happiness, I’m talking about the joy that comes from accomplishing goals and creating meaningful relationships. Those things will bring you joy, and they will make you more alive. So, as you look back at your life, ask yourself, “How to be less human?”

Because if you become complacent in how you live your life and start to take yourself for granted, you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever got any joy out of life. The answer is in finding joy in the doing and celebration of success. In other words, find your passions, and pursue them passionately. Pursue them because in the process you are discovering your true self. It’s a great feeling when you know you are worth something.