What Will the Singularity Feel Like?

When we talk about what will the Singularity feel like we get talked into a philosophical conversation with no easy answers. The Singularities are abstract, not in physical terms, but in philosophical terms they make sense to us. The Singularity is coming, and we already have the technological infrastructure in place to operate on it. The Singularity will feel like an invasion of sorts, an alien entity that has taken up residence in our heads.

The Singularity is coming because of mankind’s continuing exploration of space, and we are looking at creating a mega star somewhere in our solar system within our lifetimes. If you have any doubt that will be the case in your lifetime, I recommend you go out and do some research on some of the other civilizations that have colonized the moon and Mars. They all have their own unique philosophies. What will the Singularity feel like? What will the Singularity feel like if we discover a way to merge the mind of god with our own?

In closing, what will the Singularity feel like is an ever-present buzz in the back of your mind. Something that drives you every day, but gives you little power to actually accomplish anything. We may find out soon enough that we were right as we explore this next step in mankind’s expansion out into the universe.