The Meaning of Life by Arthur M. Miller – A Review

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life by Arthur M. Miller – A Review

The Meaning of Life is a book by Thomas Merton that is often referred to as the Father of Modern Philosophy. In this work, Merton explores various topics such as: How do you see life? What is it that makes you happy? How do you understand your personal connection to the world around you? How do you approach life?

Merton suggests that the meaning of life is that which is determined by a purpose in the external world before you were born and has an eternal afterlife (or, at least, it will have an eternal afterlife until you die). The eternal afterlife is determined by a divine plan or destiny that has been decided upon for your physical life and then for your rest beyond death. The purpose or destiny that you have is not something you choose for yourself, but rather something that has been determined by someone else before you were born and that continues after your death. It is something that you have been given a very specific path by which you must follow in order to achieve some form of happiness in this life. It is something that must be kept in mind because, as Merton says, “A life devoted to the attainment of this aim would have no value whatever, were it not directed towards a definite purpose.”

The Meaning of Life is a powerful book and by listening to Merton’s words we can get a better understanding of what is the meaning of life. It is not only a book that gives us a deep insight into the meaning of life, but it is also a book that can help us understand what it is that we are trying to achieve in our lives. When reading the Meaning of Life one must take the time to really absorb its information and put it to good use. By doing this, we can use the information that is contained in it to improve our lives, and the lives of others, so that they can have a good life too.