How to Be More Human by John Gottman

“How to be More Human” is a self-help guide that helps us identify our inner desire and pursue it, with the help of some tools. In essence, the author contends, we all have the ability to live more abundantly by determining what it is that we want. More specifically, he suggests, it is the will to choose which thoughts and feelings produce our lives. The author goes so far as to claim that once you learn how to use your mind to harness its power you will discover that there is not one other source of power that comes close to it. He further maintains that once you can master the power of your mind, you can alter your life to match your purpose and thus improve your relationships and enhance your life experience.

The book is very helpful for people who find themselves stuck in patterns from which they are unwilling to break. For example, when I was stuck in my relationship with anger, I had no idea on how to make myself more amenable to talking to my ex. However, I knew enough about the principles of constructive listening to be able to learn to tap into what was keeping me locked in that rut. The techniques that I learned helped me rid myself of destructive thinking patterns and taught me how to think more constructively.

For most of us, however, it is not always easy to detach ourselves from our daily emotional drudgery. This is especially true for those of us who find ourselves living in relationships that are emotionally abusive. The author teaches us not to allow our emotions to run the show, but to find a peaceful balance in our lives. This, I believe, is an excellent way of helping people to heal and grow. If you are seeking more information on the steps to take towards becoming a more emotionally healthy person, you may want to consider this book.