How Imagination Can Help Us Think New Thinking Strategies

Imagine a World Without Fear

How Imagination Can Help Us Think New Thinking Strategies

“Imagining a world without fear is like looking through a telescope without the lens. You’re not seeing the world. The world is right in front of you-and you don’t have to look around to see it.” – Martin Seligman

In his powerful book, “Stumbling on God,” Dr. Joel Osteen demonstrates that when we understand who we are and what we’re capable of, it becomes possible to soar to unimaginable heights. Seligman uses a Biblical metaphor to illustrate the spiritual principle at work: “you can take hold of your own destiny and control it.” In this case, the destiny belongs to God, because God alone has the power to create what He wants. No one else can do it for us. Everything depends on God. We may try to fly to the stars, but we can’t unless we accept His power and submit to His will.

The most powerful way to use imagination is to allow it to guide our thoughts and actions. It is our imagination that allows us to imagine anything we want, to dream to the possibilities, and to make the most of what God gave us. When we don’t allow ourselves to use our imagination freely, we often find ourselves living in a very narrow and limiting life. But when we use it to browse through possibilities daily, and then to trust God’s wisdom, we find that our wings are wide open.