The Meaning of Life – An Intelligent Purpose

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life – An Intelligent Purpose

The meaning of life, the answer to the eternal question: “what is the meaning of life?”. The meaning of a life can be found in many different religious and philosophical traditions, each with its own beliefs and ideas about what the meaning of life is. Most people however, believe that the meaning of life is, in most cases, life itself. What does this mean? It means that all life is precious – all life is worthy of appreciation and attention. The definition of a life is that which has meaning, value, and importance; it is a life that has a purpose.

The reason for the belief that the meaning of life is the purpose it serves has to do with how the mind of man views the universe and the purpose of his life on this planet. A common theme in the philosophies of both the Eastern and Western worlds is that a human life is nothing more than a pre-determined point in time in the grand scheme of things. The purpose of a human life is to live up to and fulfill its purpose in the eternities. Humans are creatures of chance and are often willing to go against their purpose in life to do what is necessary to survive and thrive in their given circumstances. The real purpose of a human life is to live in a state of harmony with all that is important to the human species. This means that humans must learn to co-exist with all of the other living things on the planet in a manner that honors, respects, and protects the uniqueness of each individual species while taking care to do the greatest good for all as a whole.

Some would rather live without these interdependent aspects of being and would rather create us another set of beings to fill their place, and then proceed to do what is necessary to make those new beings thrive and prosper within their given circumstances. They would rather live for themselves at the expense of the future of others. If we choose to ignore the many questions and possibilities that are inherent in the very nature of our being, then it is our choice, but if we choose to embrace the fact that all of creation was designed with a purpose – and that fact must be respected – then we can find a greater appreciation for what is necessary and right in our lives. Finding the meaning of life may indeed be a journey, and the true journey lies in the choices we make from our own perspective as we follow the path toward wholeness.