Why Humans Love Music, Art And Music Marketing

Why Humans Love Music

Why Humans Love Music, Art And Music Marketing

The reason as to why humans love music and the reason they listen to music has a lot to do with the type of brain that is being used. To put it in simple terms, when you are engaging in a musical experience, your brainwaves are being stimulated which causes your brain activity to increase. When you listen to certain types of music, the exact same stimulation takes place within your brainwaves which causes the same thing to occur. In the past, the Russian government has been very successful at using their government’s influence over the music industry to help Russian musicians break into the United States to sell music.

A great example of how words like “donald trump” can have a direct effect on people who listen to a song is during election time in the U.S.A. during the 1980’s when candidate Ronald Reagan was running against president Jimmy Carter for his governorship. During this election campaign, there was a lot of “free stuff” being given away. In fact, there were a lot of commercials that gave tremendous amounts of free stuff, and yet, Ronald Reagan still managed to win the governorship. The reason as to why this happened is because his “word” alone was enough to invoke memories of past events in the human brain and cause them to remember those events when they were thinking about what he was saying.

This is basically the same principle as how Donald trump’s “deal” with Carrier O’Brien could have been prevented if people knew the truth about him. It is all about the power of words and how they are able to evoke images in the human brain. The same thing is true for the media. The media is actually a huge vehicle for the Donald trump machine due to the fact that the Donald trump has a knack for “promoting” the media and if that wasn’t enough, he also knows how to “promote” the media by using big words, which is one of the reasons that his campaign slogan was “Make The World Great Again.”