The End of Happiness – What You Should Know About Money and Happiness

The End of Happiness by Robert Kiyosaki is a book that many people look forward to reading, because it tackles one of the most important questions of life: What is your purpose in life? Kiyosaki, who was raised in a home that had little money and little need for possessions, came to be the man on the street that everyone turned to for guidance. Although he never earned much from his various ventures, he did earn a degree from college and has since become a world-class teacher and motivational speakers, all in an effort to help people realize their dreams.

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness is the tale of Kiyosaki’s efforts to find the true meaning of life. To do so, he takes us on a journey of self discovery. The end result is not simply a call to arms; instead, he encourages us to look within ourselves and to ask ourselves, what do we really want out life? For some, the answer may be to go out and get a big house, the car of their dreams, expensive vacations, and a bunch of new gadgets. Other people, perhaps less motivated, may decide to travel the world, work at a socialite, or pursue a degree or leadership in their field.

Regardless, of what your own answers are, however, The End of Happiness does a great job of outlining the different paths and giving you reasons why you should choose one over the other. Kiyosaki also addresses the issues of financial stability and retirement, and how you can use your money to spread happiness around instead of just having it tied up in just a few places. It’s not a book that offers you a quick fix but rather one that motivates you to make changes that will impact your life in the long run. After reading The End of Happiness, I don’t think there will be any books like it in the future. I’m sure there will be plenty of other books written on the same subject, but this one has a more positive tone, talks about the importance of being in control of your life, and ends with some interesting philosophies on happiness and what you should do with it when you have it.