Why Do People Experience Fear and Anxiety?

Understanding the root cause of fear and anxiety is very important if we are to find out how to control or eliminate it completely. Fear and Anxiety are both rooted in the evolutionary psychology principle that survival of the fittest applies in the human domain. According to this principle, all living things have to go through a series of evaluating experiences before they can fully survive and even thrive, while in the course of their evolution they had to overcome threats or hazards, and some of these have proven to be fatal for some.

Why Humans Experience Fear

Humans are no exception and this principle underlies all their behavior. Even now when they face a common danger such as a fire or a plane they will experience fear, because they have been trained to evaluate danger in terms of the survival of their species. In a much deeper sense, fear is a very deeply rooted part of the makeup of human beings. This is because humans evolved with the instinct of “fight or flight” which is triggered when our body senses any kind of physical threat, which results in the flight or fight response. While all these may sound like an extremely complex process, it actually is much more straightforward.

In order to understand how and why people experience fear and anxiety, you must first become familiar with its definition. Fear is defined as “an emotion designed to increase our body’s motivation to avoid danger” and this is done by redirecting the energy focused on danger to something more positive. When you get scared you will divert your attention from the source of danger and direct it to something more manageable. The danger is no longer real, but you feel that it is nonetheless. For example, if you were walking down the street and saw two men fighting, you would naturally think to yourself that you will help them get away from each other by picking up a gun and shoot them both.