Why Do People Love Music? How Music Affects the Brain

A lot of people ask me, “Why do humans love music and how does it impact our brains so much? Why do we listen to music when we’re driving, at work or just at home?” Music has been around for thousands of years, yet surprisingly many people don’t realize how important it really is to our brain activity.

People tend to think of music as something that makes you have fun or relax. Although this is true, music can actually help the body and brain to release chemicals and oxygen that make the brain function much better. People who are into listening to music find it more relaxing and they feel prepared for whatever comes next. It also raises your heart rate, which in turn raises your breathing. When your heart rate goes up, it pumps more blood around your body, which then increases your energy. As you can imagine, all these things combined can make your brain work a lot better.

Some people love music and other people hate it, but I can’t really blame them. No matter what you personally think of music, the results are the same. Whether you listen to rock music, hip hop, classical, or even some kid’s music, if you love music, you’re going to increase your brain activity and make yourself think a lot better.