How to Be More Human

How to be More Human

How to Be More Human

Humans are social animals. If you think about it from this perspective, it is not that surprising to find out that so many people want to learn how to be more human. After all, isn’t a social being a person who puts himself or herself in a position of total interaction with other people? When you think about this in terms of money and power, it makes sense that those who desire to learn how to be more human are the ones who are more successful and wealthy. In other words, being more human means being a person who puts himself or herself first and who is willing to do what is necessary in order to gain the most advantage or money in life.

How to be more human – becoming more human – involves accepting that one needs other people’s help and cooperation. Humans are social animals and they need others to do the things that they cannot do by themselves. For example, helping another person get out of a car accident or helping that other person get his or her car out of the debris of a wrecked car are tasks that cannot be done alone. Even when a human can convince another person to do these things without any effort, such actions will still not bring about the ends desired. Humans need the cooperation and help of other people to be their true and maximum selves and this is something that must be learned how to be more human.

Humans are sociable animals and the need for cooperation and help is something that is shared throughout the animal kingdom. There is no way that a single species can survive without the help and cooperation of its fellow members. So, while there are individuals who are more self-sufficient than others, there is no way that any single human can become more self-sufficient without the help of other human beings. How to become more human – to get more out of life and to become a more meaningful being – is something that can only be learned and is a process that will take place over the course of time.