What Will the Singularity Feel Like?

What will the Singularity Feel Like

What Will the Singularity Feel Like?

What will the Singularity feel like? If we can send robots or AI computers with robotic minds to roam around the earth and start thinking like people then they will indeed be super intelligent and have a very good understanding of all life. Then we will have created an actual individual – or several individuals – each of which will know and feel what the Singularity is. But humans won’t be able to communicate with one another because our minds will be too different from one another. So the Singularity will be a mystery for those of us that are still alive because humans won’t be able to feel it.

However, I do not believe that we will find artificial intelligence that is smarter than all of us combined within our lifetimes. And even if we do find such a system, I don’t think it will be beyond our ability to understand, because it will be so different from all of us that it will seem almost like a different language. The reason I say this is because humans will think it is a language because of all the built in grammar and communication systems that we all use on a day to day basis. It will not be a different language to them.

What will the Singularity feel like? Some think it will be like the Echidna from the movie “Jurassic Park”. Others believe it will be like a slightly better version of that and others think it will be a new breed of human. In fact, the definition of the Singularity will probably change over time as it is explored more fully and more individuals come into existence who experience this phenomenon first hand.