Why Do Humans Experience Fear?

The reason we experience fear is to protect us from harm. When we are in danger, it is natural to want to avoid the situation. In many cases, however, fear is a reaction that can be controlled. Sometimes this is a learned response. For example, if we have lived in a violent environment as children or have been hurt physically or emotionally as children, we may become immune to potential fear as an adult.

Why Humans Experience Fear

However, fear can be managed even in adulthood. It is important not to mistake childhood conditioning for the mature version. While the latter can be debilitating, the former is often only appropriate in certain circumstances. It is important to be able to self-regulate this fear, so that it does not impair us in our daily activities. For example, while it may be important to be able to drive a car, some people may only need to take a basic education before they can enroll in a driving school.

Understanding the root cause of the fear can go a long way toward relieving some of its symptoms. While fear is often related to our personal past experiences, it is also a component of the human condition that we can change. We just have to be willing to do so.