What Will the Singularity Feel Like?

What will the Singularity Feel Like

What Will the Singularity Feel Like?

What will the Singularity feel like? It is hard to say. Some people claim that they will have a different type of consciousness than they are now. Others say that they will be completely un-aware of time and the past. However, if we ever find out what the Singularity is, I believe it will be very different than what those individuals are thinking of.

When the Singularity comes it will not be unlike the future of mankind. We will have computers in every home and all businesses will be computerized. It will be a singular intelligence, much like humans, but much more advanced. The humans who are left will be left with their own personal subjective experience of what the Singularity is, whether good or bad. If you choose to live inside of the Singularity then you will be completely un-aware of all of the decisions and choices that humans make.

Of course, if you choose not to live in the future of the Singularity then you will have your own personal experience. However, even if you choose to live in the future of the Singularity you should still be very grateful for all of the current technological advancements that have been made. These types of personal experiences can greatly impact our lives and greatly enhance our consciousness. Even if you do not fully understand what will the Singularity feel like, you should be very thankful for the current innovations that have been created. There will be many more such innovations in the future.