Why Do Humans Love Music?

Why Humans Love Music

Why Do Humans Love Music?

Why do humans love music, you may ask? Well there are many reasons to this question, as each individual responds to the same situation differently. There is the initial reason that music is a great stress buster and if we are exposed to it for a long enough period of time, our brains stem the surge of chemicals that help us cope with a stressful situation. It can also be fun as it makes us think outside the box.

Some great bands get their start by borrowing the sounds of other instruments and writing a new sound from these sounds. The bands love the sound and put out an album that plays off of the initial inspiration. Imagine if you will a football game going on in the middle of the woods. Chances are you will hear everything just by the sound of the tree branches breaking and the wind in the trees. Music is a great way to make the world more beautiful even in its darkest times.

Music has even been linked to acting and having a great affect on our emotions. When we are nervous or angry, we can turn to music to calm down and take our mind off of what is going on. When we listen to calm music, we have reported having less blood pressure as well as less tension in our muscles. Our muscles relax and our blood flow increases which helps us have a more relaxed state of being. This does not mean that we are going to become a peace bride, but it does show that music can have a positive effect on us.