Why Do Humans Experience Fear? The Answer May Surprise You!

Understanding the question of why people experience fear is a crucial first step in helping you learn to deal with it. If you can understand and then break down the fears that human beings have, you will probably be able to use them in order to change their behavior. That’s right; by understanding the cause of fear you will be better equipped to handle it. So what are some examples of the causes of fear?

Why Humans Experience Fear

One example would be the natural instinct that all humans have to protect themselves or their family from harm. This is the type of fear that motivates many of our most useful and self-protective instincts. When people feel threatened, the natural response is to either fight back or run away. Some people will avoid conflict altogether, some will run like crazy and hide in a dark corner, and other people will run like crazy but will not actually risk getting into harm’s way. Sometimes this type of fear motivates us to do good things that benefit our families and ourselves.

One of the biggest fear factor in many people is the fear of being hurt. Whether it’s from a physical confrontation or being rejected in a social setting, being rejected is one of the scariest things a human can experience. People who are continually afraid of rejection may withdraw inside themselves and not pursue relationships at all. Sometimes this fear factor is so extreme that even the most loving, giving person can feel threatened. So if you are around someone who constantly makes you feel unsafe, you should take note of how often they reject you and decide whether this is something you want to continue doing.