The End of Happiness by David Hawkins

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness by David Hawkins

The End of Happiness by David Hawkins describes a man who, unhappy in his own marriage, contemplates on what might have been if he had simply not married the first time and thus prevented his unhappy marriage from progressing to a divorce. The story revolves around the character David, who is a psychologist who works with people who are unhappy with their current marriages. David starts to observe and question the ways in which marriage generally goes and how the mind of the marriage generally works. This eventually leads David to examine the concept of happiness in an entirely different perspective. He concludes that happiness is in finding one’s place in life – in whatever position or role one finds oneself in at the time.

The End of Happiness is not a book for those who think that they can just sit on their couch and be happy forever. The author provides enough material so that you can think about why you might have made the choices you’ve made and come to the correct conclusions but does not in any way put you in a box or tell you that you are wrong and that there is nothing that you can do to change your circumstances. The author gives you enough room to think and question and to look at other people and situations to see what lessons they may have learned from their past experiences and so on. The book also goes into explaining various types of happiness and what you need to do to find happiness in your life. It provides enough material for you to question the way things are going in your life.

One of the most appealing aspects of The End of Happiness is that David Hawkins does not give you a cookie cutter solution to finding a happy life. The book is not a workbook on how to be happy. It is much more than that. Many of the lessons that David teaches are ones that we tend to repetition over again, but this book does not offer a boring or repetitive curriculum. Rather it is an exciting journey into the world of psychology and personal development and David Hawkins has taken us on a remarkable journey into the human mind and the possibility of happiness.