Why Do We Love Music and Not Other Animals?

Why humans love music is a question that has baffled scientists for decades but now you can be the one to find out why they do and how they do it. You see this is not the usual music review where the review is written by the band or the singer and the review is never even grammatically correct. Now you can find out why humans love music just by finding out what is on their minds when they are having a good time and that is by listening to their brainwaves.

In fact, you can learn to decode brainwaves and find out what they are thinking about by listening to their brainwaves in the form of alpha, beta, gamma, delta, theta, and theta waves. This is just one way of doing brainwave entrainment and you can learn to use it to unlock your favorite songs from popular music, from your favorite artists, or from foreign language lyrics. And when you unlock your favorite songs from foreign language lyrics you will know how to properly sing the words so that you will sound out the lyrics as if you were singing them yourself. This is how music is used as a tool by the chief architect of the universe to create life in the form of music.

Another interesting question that arises is why humans love music and not some other animal species that might be less creative and prone to making foolish mistakes like dogs and cats and dolphins. This question is unanswered in the scientific community but there is proof in the form of the existence of music in the form of sounds made by the beating of our own heart to alert us of a physical stress. There is no doubt that this evidence points to the superiority of music over all other forms of sound. And it is a good thing, because music is the voice of the soul and the reason we have breathing room and a few seconds of silence during the stressful day.