Understanding the Reasons Why Humans Experience Fear

Why do some people get very fearful while other people seem to have no problem with it? Why do some people easily get scared while others cannot even feel the slightest tingling sensation when they are around a frightening situation? There are many answers to these questions but it is basically a matter of perception. The way you perceive a situation and the way you interpret things determine your reaction or how you react to it. This means that if you are afraid of spiders and you see one creeping around under the bathroom sink or if you are afraid of heights and you are standing on the balcony looking down at the sky, both of these situations will make you feel some degree of fear but because of your different perceptions you will have a totally different reaction.

Why Humans Experience Fear

You may not react differently to different situations but the way you perceive things determines how you react to the situation. What we call fear in animals is an instinctive response to danger. When an animal is threatened, it will take action including running away, hiding and eating away at its prey until it has no option but to die. These types of actions are generally considered to be a natural survival mechanism that is present in all animals.

We have all experienced fear in our own lives and while it can be a good thing and a necessary reaction in certain situations it can also be a dangerous thing. If we watch children as they face their own fearful situations we can see how fear reactions can turn into violence. Many times the child will react violently, not thinking that the actions they are taking could cause serious injury or death to itself or another person. We can’t prevent or control ourselves from experiencing fear in certain situations but there are ways to manage our fear reactions and to help prevent ourselves from hurting ourselves or others.