The End of Fear (Movie Review)

The End of Fear

The End of Fear (Movie Review)

Winner of eleven Academy Awards including Best Picture, The End of Fear is a Psychological Thriller. With an all star cast headed by Tim Robbins, Kevin Spacey and Christopher Walken The End of Fear is a damn good movie…it’s just a shame that its sweeping and realistic message is lost amongst all of the flashy visual effects. Luckily, unlike the majority of films that end up with a messy, unsatisfactory ending, The End of Fear maintains its pace and delivers on its promise of a brilliant psychological thriller.

When discussing movies that tackle the human condition, The End of Fear should certainly be added to the list. This is perhaps the best psychological thriller of the last decade or so, in a field that has been dominated by franchises such as Harry Potter and The Matrix. The main driving force behind this film is a simple subject – vulnerability. The film begins with a series of brief, psychological flash points introducing the viewer to the concept of fear and vulnerability, and how vulnerability allows the human condition to flourish or corrode from the constant conflict between the self and the surrounding environment.

The movie explores both these concepts in quick and effective spurts, slowly revealing a deeper and more sustained meaning and importance of fear and vulnerability to the human condition. It also showcases the fight reaction and the tension between what we think is right and what we know is right by engaging us with the character of John Smith (Timothy Luffman), a man whose only moments of self-awareness are when he is faced with grave danger. While the character may not always make the right decision, there is a strong sense of conviction and purpose in his actions, and this serves as a sort of anchor for him in the midst of chaos. The End of Fear shares many of the same sentiments of the earlier films of this franchise, but focuses much more on the psychological battle between the self and the environment and the eventual outcome of that struggle.