Why Do People Love Music and Why It’s Making the World a Better Place

Why do humans love music? It’s quite simple to answer this question given the fact that we all have some sort of basic needs which include basic food, clothing, shelter and safety. Beyond these basic human necessities, however, comes the need for emotion, to put it simply. We need to be moved by emotions, and music is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Many psychologist, neurologist and anthropologists believe that music can move parts of the brain which are responsible for emotion and that is why we respond so well to music and songs. The fact that the human brain is designed to make use of melodic patterns as opposed to random access memory (RAM) or short term memory (STM) makes the process of emotion regulation even easier. In fact, the process of emotion regulation is also one of the most crucial ingredients in learning and memory function. Why do people remember stuff from long ago when they hear some song from the 20th century, for instance?

Because it makes them feel good, that’s why. Because Americans love rap music, Russian athletes use music as performance enhancers and German soldiers play war games using music to create chaos and confusion. Because humans need emotions to be moved, music is a powerful motivator and a very good tool at doing just that. That’s why Donald trump and Syria recently fight in the middle east and Russia has caused such a ruckus, along with the recently peaceful demonstrations in Germany. Why humans love music and why it is making the world a better place.