How to Be More Human – Making a Difference One Person at a Time

In recent years, many people have noted that robots can take over many of the more mundane, hard work aspects of the workforce. This is true, of course, with regards to things such as accounting, medical transcription, customer service, etc… However, this also applies to certain aspects of being a productive member of society as well. As we all know, it is not always easy being a human. In fact, many people argue that the most mentally straining part of any job is having to sit down and actually think – and most jobs aren’t mentally-straining at all.

How to be More Human

As far as how to be more human, The Work Ahead reports that there are several things to remember. For one thing, it is important to find ways to “spend” your time. Even more than the case of having more friends, it is important to realize that there is something worth doing every single day if you wish to have meaning and purpose in life. In The Work Ahead book, The Executive, author Douglas K. Smith points out that most executives become less engaged and involved in their jobs once they reach the level of seniority that they achieve. If you truly want to make yourself more of an asset to your company, then you must make sure that you are spending your time wisely.

Perhaps the most important thing to learn in terms of how to be more human is the fact that most people are not motivated by money or power. In fact, most people want meaning and purpose in life, which means that they are generally not in it for the monetary rewards. People want to know that what they do is important. By learning how to become more human and putting this into practice on a daily basis, people may actually find the happiness and fulfillment that they seek in life.