The End of Fear (Movie Review)

The End of Fear is a psychological suspense thriller directed by Guy Ritchie and starring in the lead role Johnny Depp as an aging former Special Forces medic who finds himself back in the world of action-adventures after suffering an accident in Vietnam. The movie is extremely violent and filled with intense moments of action and fighting. The film portrays the true meaning of the phrase “there is no alternative to success” in that there is no other path to reaching success. The movie is full of explosions, gun battle scenes, intense combat and Carlsbergesque set pieces as a result of a crazy and dangerous lead character.

The End of Fear

Johnny Depp plays Ray Banaway, a Vietnam war vet, who is a masterful sniper with years of experience in both the CIA and FBI. The only thing that stands between him and his goal of traveling around the globe to achieve success is the fear of leaving his home, the fear of failing, and the fear of failure. When Johnny (see Sampson) suffers an attack of amnesia, he doesn’t recall much of the early years that were spent with the FBI. Consequently, when he is hired by a drug lord to perform an undercover mission in which he has to kill hundreds of drug runners, the experience that he gets from the trip turns him into a man obsessed with achieving success in spite of his fears and vulnerabilities.

The movie begins with Johnny Depp as a suave, charming leading man who is the epitome of cool and sophisticated. However, beneath this facade he is deeply damaged, as shown through his dysfunctional relationship with his personal assistant, Beth (Sandra Oh), and his constant state of paranoia that sometimes end up making him fearful of letting loose of his anger on people. While this acts as a protective mechanism to keep Johnny away from his real problems, the fear that he experiences makes him vulnerable and exposes his insecurities and emotional weaknesses, eventually leading to his untimely death.