Why Music?

Why humans love music is something we all understand very well but what actually goes on when we all listen to the same thing. There has been a great deal of research done by Dr. Mark Ling and his team to answer this question, with their research they found that the reason most people have such a connection with music is because it taps into all our brainwave patterns, the frequencies which enable us to make out and understand language, our memories and our emotions. This explains why we all can relate to music so easily and feel such a connection as if we were actually in the presence of the artist or creator of the piece. The fascinating aspect of all this is that all of this occurs subconsciously, and we are not even aware that it is taking place.

Why Humans Love Music

In this fascinating book, Dr. Ling and his team have done a fantastic job of delving deeply into this phenomenon, not only understanding it but also the science behind it. After conducting their research and working with many of the top recording artists of our time, they found that the reason behind why all of us love music so much is due to the fact that it inspires us. We all need to have a regular exercise regime; music has a unique way of making us feel good and exercising helps to achieve this.

This is a very complex book, and it takes a while for the reader to absorb the information that is being presented. However, once you finish, it is a very satisfying read. Dr. Ling not only uncovers the reasons behind why music is so special to us, but he also explains how the science behind it all works. After reading this book, I felt empowered by the knowledge I had gained. Everyone should invest in this book if they truly want to understand the minds behind their favorite past times.