How to Be More Human

Humans are social animals. In fact, being human is about the only animal that doesn’t use its body as a voting record. We are not competitive with other creatures and we don’t compete for mates, but we depend on our community to help us survive. And that is what makes us unique. Our ability to form community allows us to share our strengths and hide our weaknesses. It allows us to make a group of friends or a group of enemies.

How to be More Human

How to be more human is about learning to rely on others more than ourselves. If we spend our lives alone then we become lonely and therefore more susceptible to disease and injury. When humans live in a group of friends they have someone who can be there for them if they get hurt or just to have advice. This person is known as a confidante and is often referred to as a family member. Those who cannot live without a confidant are forced to become more self-sufficient and to search out only those things which they need and which they can do themselves.

How to be more human includes realizing that when we allow other people to help us then we become more human in a sense. When we allow ourselves to be helped then we become more human in a deeper and more profound way. So the solution to the question of how to become more human is quite obvious. We should never turn to our government for help and we should never be a slave to anyone or anything. Instead we should embrace the abundance that God has placed all around us and become more human by becoming a steward of the God-created peace and love.