How Can We Imagine a World Without Fear?

The world will cease to be a battlefield, and we will all live in peace. The iniquity of us all is that we are constantly seeking our security through the acquisition of more possessions, the acquisition of more security. We have been conditioned to believe that there is something more valuable than our physical freedom and without it, we feel insecure and inadequate. But the acquisition of more things cannot always provide that which is needed to ensure physical security. So where does this leave those who have been conditioned to believe that peace is found in the acquisition of material objects? How can we possibly continue to live in a world where physical security is coveted above all else?

Imagine a World Without Fear

Imagine a World Without Fear: For as long as humans have been exploring the physical world, man has been searching for the meaning of life. Man has struggled to understand concepts like gods and deities and also, he has sought understanding of the unknown. Through the progression of his species, man has always sensed the presence of danger, but through this, fear has always played a major role. Fear trickled into his physical consciousness, and while it did serve a purpose at one time, it has become an inhibiting force today. Therein lays the mystery of how a species that evolved through physical combat could suddenly expire from the constant fear of the next attack from its enemies.

Imagine a World Without Fear: To continue to live our lives as we do today, we must first realize that fear is a process of survival. If we were not afraid of the dark, if we did not fear lest we fall and break a leg or get a splinter, then perhaps we would not be living in such a state of constant worry. In order to continue exploring and surviving, we must learn to experience the unknown.