How to Be More Human

Humans are a social animal and in order to be more Human, we must learn to be accountable. This is the same concept that underlies all of the different religions; we must make a commitment to each other to share personal responsibility for our actions. I find this idea to be incredibly refreshing and it gives a refreshing perspective on life.

How to be More Human

Humans are also social animals, but it seems to be a more common instinct for most of us to want to look up to someone else to accomplish something significant in our lives. How to be more Human, as a whole, begins by examining our tendency to ask questions of those who are around us, ‘What’s happening?’ And ‘How are you?’ Asking questions of those who are close to us is a form of friendship and it helps us to understand what other people are going through. Additionally, it is also a great way to make sure that we are listening when they need our help, and to be an active part of helping them as well.

If we are really honest, then we have all been there: ‘So, how am I doing? What are my strengths and weaknesses?’ If we listen to ourselves, we can begin to reflect on what we would like to change about ourselves and how. We also have to be willing to be vulnerable and share our vulnerabilities with others. The more we do this, the better chance we have to create meaningful change.