The End of Happiness – A Book Review

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness – A Book Review

The End of Happiness by Victor Hugo offers a sobering look at human behavior and its effect on the future happiness of mankind. The story centers on an unhappy middle class man who has lost everything. With his back against the wall, he realizes that he must change for the better or he’ll never be happy again. Hugo offers an interesting take on human nature, which often defies our desire to find harmony and balance in our lives.

The End of Happiness offers us a brief glimpse of the many challenges we face. It’s the start of hope and the end of sadness. It’s the definitive end of happiness and the start of peace. It’s the end of despair and the start of hope.

The End of Happiness also serves as a message of hope and resiliency. Those who have found hope and resiliency will understand that life is not all about loss and grief – there is something beautiful to be had even if we are faced with adversity. We need to continually work toward a more positive and a more joyful life. With the right frame of mind, the right attitude, and the right guidance – the End of Happiness is an essential book for any person who is facing a challenge in his or her life.