Fight Panic Attacks and Anxiety With the End of Fear by Dr Joe Barry

The End of Fear

Fight Panic Attacks and Anxiety With the End of Fear by Dr Joe Barry

The End of Fear by John van de Mheen discusses the journey to healing within the human psyche. People suffer much of their lives from fear of the unknown, fear of the pain of losing control, and fear of the consequences of their actions. This book examines the role that fear plays in our lives from an evolutionary, psychological standpoint, as well as from an emotional one. Van De Mheen shows us how the way we deal with fear can make all the difference between living a full and happy life or living a life fraught with trauma and unhappiness.

What is the relationship between fear and the human condition? Why are we so afraid? Why do we often live in the shadow of danger, lie awake at night in fear of the next panic attack, and react to even minor accidents as if they represent the threat of our very existence? The book answers these questions and more as it follows the path of the human mind as it journeys from childhood through adult years and slowly takes us through the final destination we all desire – self-actualization. It reveals the vulnerabilities that get us to this point and how we can uncover and strengthen these vulnerable pathways in order to enable us to fully enjoy our lives.

The End of Fear addresses many of today’s most common fears and how they relate to the development and strength of our individual identity. The book shows us that fear is not something to be feared but rather something to be understood and used to empower and help us grow. In order to move beyond the fearful thoughts associated with our particular situations, we must first become aware of what is actually happening in the moment, instead of our reaction to what we are afraid of. Once we have identified the fear of what is actually taking place, we can use this information to help us gain control of our emotions, fight back against the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks, and work toward gaining self-awareness and self-empowerment. The End of Fear does exactly that and much more as it helps readers identify and unleash their innermost fear, and work it out into a strength that empowers them in their life.