How to Be More Human

How to be More Human

How to Be More Human

The question of how to be more human is a difficult one, as it is inherently subjective. What may be real to me may not be understood by you. The human experience is unique and no two individuals who have the potential to do great things in life are the same. Yet each of us can certainly learn to become more human in some way, through self-awareness and by stepping back from our sometimes desperate and unforgiving lives to look beyond ourselves and at the world around us.

There are of course many great works written on how to become more human, but the problem with most of them is that they tend to prescribe one way of life for the individual and forget that there are other ways of living. In this respect, they fail to teach you who you really are, rather than helping you discover who you were before you were “made” and what you can still become. This means that while the book may be motivating, it will not necessarily shape your personal or professional destiny.

One of the most inspirational works on the theme of how to be more human, and indeed, how to make life worth living, is Don Marquis’ Don’t Worry, Be Happy! Though it may seem a little dated now, when stacked up against the very first edition it is a treasure trove of advice and wisdom that has stood the test of time and has changed the lives of many. Don Marquis offers a variety of messages in his work, some subtle and some more direct, and in doing so he offers a rarefied approach to personal growth and evolution. He does not shout from the mountaintop, but rather speaks from the depth of his soul, as one would speak to a friend. As such, Don Marquis offers valuable insights into how to be human and doesn’t merely tell the individual ‘how to be more human’.