How to Be Less Human

One of the most important keys in life is Early Warning. When we first learn something and we have the opportunity to do something about it, we should seize it. Unfortunately, many people wait until a problem becomes too big and they feel like it’s out of their hands. Unfortunately, many in the organized religions are waiting for humanity to take a course and they feel that the Holy Spirit will soon draw people back to them. In The Red Cross book, author Dr. Gilad says that we should have an early warning system. Specifically, he recommends:

How to be Less Human

“An early warning is a simple thing. It’s what separates those who learn from those who fail. I am talking about a society-wide early warning system that begins with the institution of a central, regional, inter-denominational organization. This organization would be smaller and more locally based. It would operate at least two weeks in advance of any regional or national church-wide meeting.

“This new society-wide organization would use the resources of the local church, with its huge membership, for training, information and a message of unity. Local churches would play an active role in providing the leadership necessary for the organization. If our country is to prevent another terrorist attack like that in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we must have early warning systems in place. Our leaders must know how to be less human.” How to be Less Human may not seem like such a big deal, but the implications of this book are profound. In fact, the author is making a case for why it is important to have early warning systems.