What if There Was No Imagination – A World Without Fear

Do you want to be able to say “Imagination is the only thing that limits us?” If so, then you have probably stopped bearing in mind that the only thing that can stop you from being what you are now is your own imagination. Imagination is the only thing that will keep you from going astray and into the new world. People like us who have gone astray need to remind ourselves of our original sin, which was thinking that we are better than others, that we are better equipped than others, and that we are supposed to be better than everyone else.

Imagine a World Without Fear

It is from this place of being that we learn our lessons and move on to better places, and the new world that we find when we stop living in our imagined worlds, and start realizing that we are all part of God and are meant to be one with each other. Many people feel that the purpose of life is to have as many children as possible, and to bear children successfully. These people often do not stop to imagine that the role of mother is not to be a foster mother for one human, but to bear a child successfully and responsibly, even though that child may be her own brother or sister. Children have room in their spirit to grow and become an important person in their lives, instead of being nurtured like any other part of Mother Nature’s creation.

It is up to us to keep remembering that we have been given the opportunity to grow and become all that we can be. We have been given the iniquity of not knowing the fullness of our Divine nature, and it is up to us to make the most of that and to use that to move towards peace, health, prosperity, and joy in our lives. Imagining a world without fear is the first step in moving towards that goal. Do not let fear control your imagination, and do not allow your imagination to control your life.