The End Of Happiness – A Review Of The Play

The End of Happiness

The End Of Happiness – A Review Of The Play

The End of Happiness is a play by award winning author Andy Andrews, which he has developed following his own personal experience of the same. The play is basically about two sets of friends who find themselves at odds over the question of what happiness means to them. The story centers on their relationship as they try to come to grips with their contrasting conceptions of love, life, and happiness. The play ultimately offers the readers a most unique and thought provoking exploration of these very personal ideas.

The play is narrated by two different characters – the ex-boyfriend and the soon to be spouse of the ex-boyfriend, respectively. The ex-boyfriend initially seeks happiness through a relationship with a woman while the later marries an older lady without ever having fully realized the consequences of his actions. Their paths are strewn with many trials and tribulations that nearly bring their lives to a grinding halt but fortunately The End of Happiness reminds us that there are countless possibilities for a happy and fulfilling life despite the obstacles that we may encounter in our path. The play also portrays how the two friends try desperately to find meaning in their lives despite the fact that the answers that they seek are largely irrelevant to each other due to their very different definitions of happiness.

While the play has received a number of favorable reviews from both professional critics and the audience, some viewers have raised questions about the message of the play is intended to convey. According to these critics, the purpose of the play should not be to draw relevant comparisons between the two lovers but rather the intention of the play should be to relay the message that true happiness is available to all of us despite the circumstances that we may face in our lives. The critics maintain that it is irrelevant what anyone else thinks as long as the viewer sees the message that true happiness is possible to them and that happiness is within their reach, whatever the circumstances that may come their way.