Why Do People Love Music?

The simple truth is, there is really only one reason we enjoy any music and that is because it makes us think. The ability to use music as a means of expression goes all the way back to the very first humans who could use tools like sticks and rocks to make music. Since then we have developed the means to create ever more complex musical instruments and then we invented language. It’s really interesting to see how far human imagination can take them, as it did the beginning of the universe and the human race.

Another question that often gets asked about music is why people in undeveloped countries buy so much music. The answer is simple. First of all it is not uncommon for people to be swept away by beautiful sounds from bands that they would never have even heard of if it weren’t for their native music. So yes, there are people all over the world making music, but people in undeveloped nations really don’t have access to the instruments and the technology that allow others to thrive.

The last question is probably the most obvious one, why do people love music so much? There is really only one answer to that and it has everything to do with emotion. We all love music because it makes us feel something, it makes us happy or sad, excited or scared, lonely or scared for no reason at all. It’s that powerful.